Trip Preparation

When possible I like to talk with my guests before taking them fishing, so that I can make the trip fit your desires and requirments as best as possible. Sometimes we have to do that on the fly. And that works too. When I get the chance to talk before hand I have a series of questions. This article categorizes and lists the questions. It also recommends certain preparations (like wearing socks). It is not necessary to read this to go on a guided trip, since one way or another I will see that this all gets taken care of. But it is here for your reference:


My trips are usually booked through Front Range Angler's (Boulder, CO 303 494-1375). However, I also contract with Sylvan Dale Ranch in Loveland. Those outfitters will have minor changes with regards, to fees, flies, and lunches. Sylvan Dale Ranch requires a $80 rod fee for their waters. Most of the time reservations are secured with a credit card. Half the trip cost is billed at reservation. The rest is billed the day of the trip. At the same time your phone number and email is collected. You can check my current availability going to my calendar.


Guide trips inlcude all equipment, transportation, flies, and lunch on full day trips. Fishing license, gratuity, and private water rod fees are additional.

  1. Number of people
  2. Length of trip
  3. Experience: First timer, beginner, intermediate, expert.
  4. Equipment needed. If you need waders and boots please include shoe size, height, and weight
  5. Fishing license? Except for private still-water you will need a fishing license. They can easily be obtained at the flyshop or online at Colorado Department of Wildlife.
  6. Signed liability form.


Do you have any dietary restrictions or requests? Lunch is incindental for most of my guests, because they want to spend more time fishing and frequently midday river fishing can be hot. However, if you are having a special occasion or just want to have a longer more relaxing lunch, let me know. All trips have water, gatorade, soft drinks, and granola bars.

Menu A: Chipotle Fried Chicken, Fruit Salad, Oreos.
Menu B: Panera Sandwich

Bacon Turkey Bravo
Smoked turkey breast, bacon, smoked Gouda, lettuce, tomatoes & our signature dressing, on our Tomato Basil bread.

Sierra Turkey
Smoked turkey breast with chipotle mayonnaise, field greens & red onions on our Asiago Cheese Focaccia.

Smoked Turkey Breast
99% fat-free smoked turkey breast, leaf lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and salt and pepper, all served on your favorite sandwich bread.

Napa Almond Chicken Salad
All-natural, antibiotic-free chicken, diced celery, seedless grapes, almonds & our special dressing. Served with lettuce & tomato, on our Sesame Semolina bread.

Chicken Ceasar
All-natural, antibiotic-free chicken, Asiago, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions & our Caesar dressing, on our Three Cheese bread.

Asiago Roast Beef
Oven-roasted beef, smoked cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions & creamy horseradish sauce, on our Asiago Cheese Demi.

Smoked Ham and Swiss
96% fat-free smoked ham, swiss, leaf lettuce, tomatoes and red onions with salt and pepper, all served on your favorite sandwich bread.

Italian Combo
Roast beef, smoked turkey, ham, salami, Swiss cheese, peperoncini, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions & our special sauce, on Ciabatta.

Tuna Salad
Our special recipe tuna salad, leaf lettuce, tomatoes and red onions with salt and pepper, all served on your favorite sandwich bread.

Mediterranean Veggie
Zesty Peppadew™ piquant peppers, feta cheese, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cilantro Jalapeño hummus on our Tomato Basil bread.


Nearly all the preparation is done by me. However, you should consider the following list, since we will be outside:

  • Warm socks (much more comfortable in the waders)
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses (preferably polarized)
  • Personal sunscreen ( I carry SPF 30 and 70+; which you are welcome to use)
  • Chapstick
  • Rain jacket and other warm clothing as necessary. I will have a current forecast.
  • Insect repellant. (I carry 100% DEET; which you are welcome to use, keep away from lips, eyes, and fish)
  • A really good joke to tell

I only have two rules on my trips. No rushing and no swimming. These rules are related ;-).


Be sure to let me know about any special requests you may have. For example, there may specific destination you were interested in or perhaps you wanted to learn how to do a certain type of fishing. If you have special needs such as ambulatory or allergy issues, let me know. I can usually accomodate them.


Feel free to contact at any time, including the evening. Frequently, I am out of reach during the day when I am fishing or guiding.

303 601-1902

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