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Welcome to MudBugCo fly-fishing site. Here you will find information, stories, and pictures on trips, fish, rigging, tips, and Colorado waters. There's a lot to see. So, take your time and browse around. If you have any questions, contact Wallace ...


Glad you stopped by MudBugCo. My name is Wallace Westfeldt and I am a fly-fishing guide and author. When I used to make money for a living I was in high-tech. But now, I spend most of my time on lakes and rivers helping folks catch fish. Many of my fishing guests have a requested information about my books. Well ... I have only one book out. It is titled LIMESTONE CONCERTO. If you want to join my rather passionate but pathetically small fan club, you can order it from Amazon. It makes a great gift for the holidays ... seriously ... maybe not as good as a fly rod or guided trip, but it is less expensive.

For more information about the book, visit www.limestoneconcerto.com.

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